Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Tourist Attractions in Thailand



Tourist Attractions in Thailand

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Thailand - a hot destination on tourists map brings to you the world of soothing island climate, relaxing beaches, historical temples, site views, refreshing lifestyle and rocking nightlife. Geographically Thailand is in the South East Asia neighboring Myanmar in its West, Vietnam in East, Cambodia in South East and Malaysia in its down south. Let’s explore more…

Currency - Thai Baht

Climate - Hot and Humid

Best Time to visit  - Celebration months in Thailand are mainly during Dec- Feb, albeit you really don’t need a season reason to visit Thailand. It is joyful all the way through.

Bangkok - The city capital of Thailand enjoys its metropolitan focus for its charmed fiesta. Extremely well known for their sociable tourist’s culture Bangkok covers its attractions base for their famous floating markets which enthrals all together a new shopping experience. This floating market is connected to local vendors on the shores of Ayutthaya River, for visitors to enjoy a boat-ride and taste their local customs.

Somehow I always feel very excited on writing about theme parks and I was pretty sure Bangkok will not leave me disappointed, as Dream world offers a perfect ambience to further count your remarkable moments with roller coasters rides, water rides, Snow Park and much more. And that’s not enough, to further build on to your excitement there is Safari World Park and Marine Park which has more than 100 animals, dolphin shows, bird shows, egg world, Jungle walk and an ultimate joy of Safari ride, to know the wild life from proximity, are considered a must stopovers. Another chapter of enjoyment can be found in Ayutthaya river cruise which is an overnight cruise to exalt a leisure dinner aboard.

This place also brings to interests of tourists many historical temples to know about Thai culture. Gems factory too draws attention for rock lovers in Bangkok.

Pattaya - The magnificent sea side beach city which is approximately 170 kms from Bangkok city can be reached by rail, bus or metered taxis which are easily available. Well if you are a beach lover you will surely wanna taste the salts of Pattaya. The beauty of this place truly breaths in its beaches, water sports, and white sand and Thai food.

Hey, my travel blog will not part you from other attractions in Pattaya as their famous Dolphin shows, underwater world, beautiful gardens, Forests canopy, Ripley’s believe it or not museum (very much in vogue for Honeymoon tourists) etc also adds on to its aura.

Phuket Island - Albeit unplanned tour to Pattaya is feasible by local transports but this ease is not extended to Phuket as it needs air travel from the Bangkok city.

Phuket is well known for their amazing resorts, several beaches surrounding Indian ocean on west side and good connectivity by ferry to many islands in its province like Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Racha Yai Island, Phang Nga, Similans Islands, Coral Island etc. each known for their own exclusivity and luxury resorts in its east. Water activities like Freediving, snorkelling, parasailing, yachting are quite hyped in Phuket.

Krabi Island - Krabi Island in Thailand counts on its own significance. This beauty has been voted for their amazing natural history and much easier connectivity to other small islands like Phi Phi Islands, Phuket etc. and an airport to connect you to Krabi world directly from the Bangkok city. Sailing, snorkelling, kayaking et al are among the chosen activities.

Kosumi Islands - one of the largest islands nearing Surat Thani town is much known for their nature’s gift in abundance. Surrounded by greenery, white sand beaches, mountains and flora all round the corners this island draws attention of tourists to enjoy a luxury living in their beach side bungalows and resorts. City tour is commonly chosen during visits to these islands.

Although Thailand has a lot more to offer but I am restricting this blog post to include the most visited places in Thailand, but will surely write on Thailand’s unheard places in my coming posts. Thailand has many tour packages all through the season to match your preferences, and it will continue to build its tourism brand as an extraordinary and one of the most economical holiday destinations.